Tiffany & Co. Leather Goods

I love gold jewelry! I am highly allergic to nickel - I break out in crazy, itchy, red hives. NO GOOD! So, I have learned I cannot wear any sterling silver or any gold under 10k. This has made my love for plastic jewelry sky-rocket because I know for a fact it has no nickel or metal of any kind. But, my love for gold jewelry still reigns supreme. 

As I was browsing the Tiffany & Co. website (A girl can dream, OK!) I noticed the Leather goods offered this christmas season for ladies and men. They have a cute travel jewelry holder for just $75, a passport holder for $145, and two makeup bags: Small $125, Large $175. Great gift ideas for the classic-style fashion lover for less than $200! For pictures and descriptions, visit the Tiffany Website

They have released new Tiffany Somerset Rings with diamonds! Just goregous!! My favorite Tiffany Ring!





Divine Design Sale Benefit

The Divine Design sale will be this December 1-6, 2010. Designer home goods, women's clothing, and men's clothing will be 50-80% off!! All proceeds go to Project Angel Food "the only, free meal-delivery program that serves men, women and children debilitated by HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other life-threatening illnesses throughout Los Angeles County." Click HERE for the Divine Design webpage.

Also, you can have a $10 off general admission coupon

Have fun and don't break the bank!!





No Lanvin even for an early riser!

I went to the H&M near my house and they gave out wristbands. They gave out 20 wristbands for every 15 minutes of shopping. As a shopper, you only had 15 minutes to shop and try on the items. They opened at 8 and my wristband got me in at 11. That means 240 people got in before me and NOTHING was left! I just wanted some jewelry, but none was available! I was pretty disappointed in the selection of garments, but I did find a SUPER cute brown bomber jacket. Oh well, I am still excited about my purchase today! Check it out!



Fashion Recap for November!

I love this Tacori ad in W Magazine. The jewelry looks like it is the beverage - just flowing out! I love it! Great idea!!

Lanvin for H&M November 20

Mulberry for Target!

Eligh of The Living Legends releases a new album: GREY CROW

Adele has a new single! ROLLING IN THE DEEP!

Venice High Flea Market

I found a website listing the Venice High Flea Market as a place where 60 vendors meet up in the 2nd Saturday of every month. They boasted the Venice High Flea Market as a place where you can find "Great antiques, clothing, jewelry, collectibles, toys, crafts, and much more..." Actually, the Venice High Flea Market was super lame! It only had about 22 vendors (I counted 20 inside and 2 outside). After I left, I realized I could not be disappointed in a flea market that does not charge. I had a nice time walking around in the California sunshine, but the Venice High Flea Market was a bust. No good antiques, clothing, collectibles, toys, or crafts - just a bunch of overpriced junk - I was listening to people ask prices of trinkets and the popular going rate: $5. I was shocked. I kept putting things down when Vendors repeatedly asked outrageous flea market prices for junk they didn't even want. Even a (clearly) used pet bed was quoted at $10. Hardly attending the Venice High Flea Market actually bought anything. Almost everyone I saw leaving around 10:45 (I came at 9:30) left empty handed.

Venice High Flea Market Rating:
Reason for rating: Lots of overpriced junk, no antiques or anything of real quality, received a higher rating for free street parking and admission.


Lanvin for H&M

Legendary couture house Lanvin will be coming to H&M stores on November 20, 2010. Major crowds are expected and they will be doing bracelet color shopping (certain colors have certain shopping times to reduce lines). 89 pieces make up the collection. Everything from frilly dresses, hoodies, suits, leather gloves and lipsticks! View the full LANVIN collection.

I am very excited because H&M has really been going for the designer lovers in all of us! They caught my attention when they paired up with Jimmy Choo (although I was not too impressed with the heels). The ladies Lanvin Collection is very flowery and frilly, but has a sexy edge to the dresses and the accessories. They match gold with pearls and colorful flowers! I cannot wait to get my hands on a beautiful pearl bracelet with a green/teal flower!!
The collection is huge, but I hope the H&M in Los Angles gets all the pieces - sometimes, my favorites do not show up in the store, but I know what I want because I see the lookbooks. Gotta do your homework before you hit the store! The Gaultier collection for Target had a great trench, but it never showed up in the Target stores near me! I was dissappointed, but I love when designers pair up with affordable stores. This is a great time for quality fashion at reasonable prices - Keep giving us great designers at awesome prices!! Thank You Fashion Gods!


Mulberry for Target

British luxury handbag design house Mulberry will be offering their completed line of handbags for Target on November 14, 2010. They have everything from totes, a Bayswater replica, and cross-body bags, too. They have patent leather pink leopard and PVC that feels like pebbled leather. PREVIEW THE FULL LOOKBOOK. They are luxury bags made with cheaper materials so they can be offered at cheaper prices. GENIUS, Watson! I have already picked up the bag I wanted from the line:

I adore it! It is large, but if fits everything and the pockets are great. The bag is not too heavy, but is SUPER soft and really a nice bag for the price. Mulberry bags start at $1250, but the Mulberry for Target line caps out at just $50! Yup, that's right, a CAP of $50 for the handbags. They are just fantastic!

I am really excited! I love the Mulberry bags, but I definitely cannot afford the $1250 price tag! $50 is so much better!

The last of the bags premier on November 14 and look just like the Bayswater bag:

Tasty Candy, Muffins, and Pie

I love these new Lemonheads! They are these chewy candies that are all different flavors! So tasty! Also, I made raspberry/blueberry/blackberry muffins.

I found this pie recipe and I think it will be so, so good!

Shop Your Closet - Magazine leading to inspiration for your own closet.

Let me know what ideas you came up with! Send me a link or a pic! You might be featured in next weeks vlog!!


Collab with JoesDaily

I have wanted to do a collab video and channel for a long time. My friends are not video/tech savy - they are awesome, but they do not like to video blog. I love it! I am so happy to introduce my friend, JoesDaily to my subscribers. I really want to do a fashion blog/vlog - I think about it every single day. I think I may need to fulfill this need in me by brainstorming on this stormy day and actually putting my thoughts and wishes onto paper. Then, I will begin building my website and ultimately, just have this channel devoted to the things I love in my life. I truly see this as a positive move. I'm going to do this!


Just having fun! Beach time!

Just having fun!


Betsey Johnson Bailed Out by Steve Madden

Betsey Johnson Bailed Out by Steve Madden



Great website for Eco-Couture or EcoCouture

I was googling about when I came across this website: http://www.stylewillsaveus.com/

I have been looking at http://www.treehugger.com and I found what they call "the Best Makeup: Tarte Cosmetics
It’s difficult to find an eco-conscious cosmetics line that pops with color when most are selling more reserved shades and tones. And that’s where Tarte comes in. The makeup line is like the green version of Maybelline, offering up colorful varieties of mascaras, eyeshadows, pencils, blushes, bronzers, foundation, glosses, lipsticks and more--but without the side of parabens, petro-chemicals, phthtalates, sulfates and synthetic fragrances. Even more, the company is helping sustain the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest through the use of organic acai extract in their products—proving that it is possible to combine good looks and eco-smarts for a killer equation.-Jessica Root"

This website is great!! CHECK IT OUT!!

Diana Jenkins inside W magazine

No wonder the headline "Second Life: Diana Jenkins's Refugee-to-Riches Story" made the front cover of W's July 2010 publication! Diana (Sanela) Jenkins seems amazing and driven.

I love to hear about women whom take initiative. This story left me inspired to do more. Inspired to volunteer. She is a courageous woman whom left her family and her country to live a better life.

I feel like I can’t even do her justice if I try to describe how wonderful she is.
Read the article HERE.

The article is fabulous and will make you feel like you can do more for others in your lifetime. Well written articles on inspiring lives are not usually in the pages of W. Usually, the pages of W are filled with expensive baubles and fake models. (Fake models = airbrushed pictures) Giving a glimpse into a lifestyle that I cannot have, but would like to in the future. I was first attracted to this magazine when I was in college and modeling. The large, glossy pages with the clean layouts and the gossip in the back made me fall in love with W. The gossip is gone, but the magazine is still large, glossy, and clean. "Clean" to me does not mean it has no nudity - Art has nudity and so does W - But, "Clean" to me pertains to the design of the photos when showcasing fashion pieces.

Diana Jenkins is not only a woman with great fashion, but also a woman with great passion to connect people and help others. I have added another item to my list of things to do in my lifetime: Meet Diana (Sanela) Jenkins.


30 Day Challenge: No Jean Pants

I am taking a 30 day challenge of not wearing jean pants. I LOVE jeans. I absolutely adore them because they are the perfect accessory to tone down and create a casual, effortless, laid back look. I have decided to hang up my jeans and wear all that I can out of my closet to make the most of what I've got. I'm one of those shoppers where I will see an item and think to myself "That is so cute! I would totally rock this on the right day!" Well, who is to say that today is not that day?

So, I've decided to go 30 consecutive days without wearing any jean pants. I have lots of jean skirts and jean shorts, but I consistently wear only jean pants. I have a pair of brown corduroys, which are necessary for a month's trial. I have pictures of my first two days:

I have so many cute things and accessories, yet I have recently been going straight to my jeans and t-shirts. Don't get me wrong; I love them! But, I feel like it is the time to make a change. The change does not have to be expensive, but it does have to be challenging.

Day 1: Blue/green plaid button up with a black tank under. Natural hemp bracelet by Natural Bling. Jean skirt and Steve Madden peek-a-boo heels.

Day 2: Plaid grey/red/white/black jumper with black tights, guess wedges, and a black handkerchief from my grandmother made into a bracelet.

Here I go! 30 days without any jean pants!!
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