30 Day Challenge: No Jean Pants

I am taking a 30 day challenge of not wearing jean pants. I LOVE jeans. I absolutely adore them because they are the perfect accessory to tone down and create a casual, effortless, laid back look. I have decided to hang up my jeans and wear all that I can out of my closet to make the most of what I've got. I'm one of those shoppers where I will see an item and think to myself "That is so cute! I would totally rock this on the right day!" Well, who is to say that today is not that day?

So, I've decided to go 30 consecutive days without wearing any jean pants. I have lots of jean skirts and jean shorts, but I consistently wear only jean pants. I have a pair of brown corduroys, which are necessary for a month's trial. I have pictures of my first two days:

I have so many cute things and accessories, yet I have recently been going straight to my jeans and t-shirts. Don't get me wrong; I love them! But, I feel like it is the time to make a change. The change does not have to be expensive, but it does have to be challenging.

Day 1: Blue/green plaid button up with a black tank under. Natural hemp bracelet by Natural Bling. Jean skirt and Steve Madden peek-a-boo heels.

Day 2: Plaid grey/red/white/black jumper with black tights, guess wedges, and a black handkerchief from my grandmother made into a bracelet.

Here I go! 30 days without any jean pants!!

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