Bookshelf Revamp

As you all know, I have been into refinishing wood and wicker furniture. Over the weekend, I was able to go over to my friend's house and show her how easy it is to refinish wood furniture. Her bookshelf was in good condition, but it had nicks and stains - all it needed was a little sanding and painting!
The colors of her apartment are tan, red, and green. Very natural and neutral. This red bookshelf really pops and it is a wonderful example of what you can do to your existing furniture to give it a new look!

After we were done, we headed back into her apartment and I could see her imagining other pieces in her place being refinished. I am so excited to see what she wants to revamp next!!

The view while painting. It was a beautiful day!
This is the red we used. For the green, we used Ultra Cover Spray Paint from Rust-Oleum in Sage in a Satin Finish.

Happy painting!



One of those good freak out moments

Yeah, I just had one of those. I entered multiple photos into W Magazine and Hipstamatic's Transformation Photography Contest to find new street fashion photographers. I am very excited to say that I was contacted by W Magazine and this is what the email said:

That is why I just experienced this crazy, freak out moment. I did not expect to be picked by my favorite magazine in the whole world!! This is so great! I want to participate in so many more contests!

Here is my entry: 

You can vote HERE by signing into Facebook and clicking the yellow VOTE button on my photo!
Thank you!!!



Matte nail polish? How cool!!

Just read this article by The Beauty Department. I am such a huge fan of these girls! 
They are so fun! I love their new matte nails mixed with the shiny! 
This photo is from their website:

I believe they used O.P.I.'s Black Onyx and  Butter London's Matte polish. 
I adore this new look! So fresh!!

This polish is too expensive! It's $18+Shipping from Zappos! 
I don't like promoting something I would not buy, so I am going to grab this for $10 instead:

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer! 
What is your new favorite nail look right now? Let me know below!




W Magazine uses Hipstamatic to find fresh, new photographers

Since the September issue is fashion's focus for fall, W Magazine has teamed up with Hipstamatic to celebrate 40 years of transformational photography and to have a contest to find themselves fresh, new, and fantastic fashion photographers!

The contest focuses on fashion's power of transformation and opens August 20th and ends on October 1st. In order to be considered, images must be taken with the W Magazine HipstaPack lens and film. You can visit W's Facebook page to see entries and vote for your favorites. 10 Runners Up will be announced on October 15.
The winner will shoot a story for W Magazine!! Enter the contest and see the details HERE.

You can also view the Fashion Photography Contest live stream right here from my website!



Jelly at the grocery

I was trying to buy jelly. But, I noticed different options: jelly, jam, preserves, and spreads. I know that Jelly, Jam, and Preserves are all made from fruit mixed with sugar and pectin. What are the differences?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration definition:
The difference is in the form of the fruit when the process begins

Jelly is made from fruit juice.
Jams are made from pureed fruit, pulp or crushed fruit.
Preserves are made from whole fruit.
Spreads are made from whole fruit and/or pureed fruit.

So, now you know the differences between jelly, jam, preserves and spreads. If you don't like chunks, go for a jelly. If you do, grab a jar of preserves. Either way, I'm ready for a PB&J!



Furniture Makeovers!

Lately, I have been picking pieces up and refinishing them! I have redone a desk, a cabinet, and a chair (even re-upholstered it!)

I think finding, sanding, and painting are my new favorite things to do! My new hobby: Refinishing wood furniture!
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