Bumpdate! Week 33 of my pregnancy


Video HERE

Week 33 of my first pregnancy, 7 weeks to go! Third trimester!

If you are looking for a great group, join your Buy Nothing group on Facebook. I've received a lot of great items from mine.

Went garage sale-ing and found a bassinet, but the lady gave me two car seats, they are expired though. (They expire every 7 years). Not a problem, because I can trade them into Target or Walmart during an event and get either a 20% off coupon or $30 gift card.

My Grandma came to me in a dream and said my baby will be 2 weeks early...we will see!

I had to get slip-on Velcro slides. Found some Champion slides at Costco for $15 and got a black pair and a white pair. Found them later at Footlocker for $35-40!

My feet have been swelling so I had to get some compression socks. It has really helped the swelling! I have gestational diabetes, and it is not fun to have to pass by the delicious cookies and treats, but I have to!

I thought I was having Braxton Hicks contractions, but it turns out it is my Round Ligament...

Also, two other Rhea Lana sales are happening in my area soon, I will let you know what I get!

My husband got me the LeSportSac Diaper Bag by Rifle Paper Co, and I love it!!

And, a bumpdate!!

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