Maternity Digital LookBook - 18 Looks in 12 Minutes


Link to video HERE

18 maternity looks (20 if you count the jackets) in 12 minutes.

Some pieces I got at Goodwill, some from Rhea Lana, but most are from Target (Isabel Maternity and the Nines by Hatch).

All pieces were under $40. 

This is my digital look book of my favorite maternity looks, both professional maternity dresses and casual looks. 

It's August so it is HOT, but I found the shorts at goodwill for about $5. 

If you are thrifting your maternity shorts/pants, an easy way to find maternity clothes is to look at the top of the pants/shorts. They will have the stretchy band!

Cute maternity dresses, jackets, shirts, and shorts.



Bumpdate! My Pregnancy Week 38

Week 38 of my first pregnancy, 2 weeks to go!

How we were able to get pregnant after trying for more than 3 years - Clear Blue, thank you!

I have gestational diabetes, but I am managing it through food and exercise. 

My heartburn is crazy while pregnant! I'm in love with the berry Pepcid.

I had my baby shower and forgot to talk about it in my last video. I made a balloon arch that my Best Friend, Sarah & her mom Carol found on Amazon. It was so easy to make!! It is from @ShimmerAndConfetti on IG. I received so many good gifts! We had raffles for guests who brought diapers and bottles. Got so many diapers!! 
My Aunt Ginny made an adorable little closet/bin and a diaper cake and my Cousin Stephanie made a Elephant out of diapers with a pacifier as the tail! Sooooo cute!

All I got from the Rhea Lana Sale - I saved nearly $1,000 on baby items. We scored a car seat, stroller, and extra base for about $155, and it retails for $485!! Also got a Doc-a-tot, swan lamp, maternity dresses, baby monitor, books, and a nursing pillow.

Got more dye to tie dye while I'm on maternity leave. It is on sale from $25 down to $10! Run and get the bucket from Michaels!!

I printed my birth plan from thebump.com/a/tool-birth-plan

Amazon baby registry freebies I received. 

Bumpdate! My belly button has disappeared and I show off my growing belly.
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