Join me as I unbox my oVertone hair color order

overtone unboxing
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I UnBox My oVertone Hair Color Order:

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When life gives you lemon [colored soles], paint them gold!

I love my all white Nike sneakers. But, the soles turned yellow sitting in my closet. I was too heartbroken to just throw them out - they are very comfortable and I have so much love for them. I tried a lot of different Pinterest ideas to try to make the sole white again and none worked! If you know of a way to reverse the yellowing, please let me know in the comments below. As you can see, I did not let the yellow get to me. I tried multiple ways to change the color.

I first tried to paint the sole of the shoe with silver acrylic paint, but I soon realized I needed to have LOTS of layers before getting good coverage. So, I looked at our spray paint supply and found a metallic gold. Next step, taping off the shoe!!

Check out the shoes after a little gold spray paint! I also spray painted the hardware on the laces to match the sole.

What do you think? I love them! They look so much better gold and now, I can actually use them. I loved these shoes because they were comfortable and all white, but after the sole turned yellow, I had no choice but to change the color. I know, I could have purchased new shoes, but I feel like it would have been a waste of money because the shoes have no holes and are in really good condition. 
Metallic shoes are in right now anyway, right?



Macrame Hanging Planters!

Sometimes, I just need to create. I needed some hanging plants in my apartment and I spotted this kit from Brit + Co at Target. Perfect time to create some hanging planters!

Just one problem: I have never made [or even tried to make] any kind of hanging planter.

No worries, though! I knew I could learn how to create them and I also already had a great planter I wanted to use. I found the perfect macramé tutorial on Brit + Co's Blog! They used jersey cotton, but I had a few t-shirts that were going to be used as rags and used those instead of the jersey.

T-Shirt that will soon be cotton strings

Cutting the t-shirt into strips [and stretching out the first few strips into strings]

Using the Rotary Cutter made it so easy!

Pulling the rest of the strips 

The hanging planter I picked up from Target's dollar section

My first macrame attempt!

Before: a t-shirt
After: a hanging planter!

I also made one from a blue t-shirt 

I used a large orchid vase to create a hanging fruit bowl 

I love the second one! My work gets flowers delivered every week and I thought this vase would make a great hanging fruit basket. I think it looks chic and I can't believe I made it! 

I used cleaned out Bath and Body Works candle holders to hold my plants. All I had to do was drill a hole in the bottom of the candle holder. They are so versatile!

Bath and Body Works candle holder 

Bath and Body Works empty & clean candle holder 
Hole drilled so the plant can drain

I put the plant in this grey ceramic holder so the water doesn't get onto the floor

The candle holder is clear and you can barely see it! It fits perfectly!!

The Finished Product! *Beams with pride*

I am so proud of myself. I not only learned how to Macrame, but I created many hanging planters out of items that were going to be thrown out or eventually end up in a landfill
[except for the grey target planter]. 



Recipe Review: Oven Dried Strawberries

Today's Tested Recipe: Oven Dried Strawberries

When I spotted this post on Facebook from KitchenFunWithMy3Sons.com, I had to try it!

Recipe Review:

I would highly recommend to cut the strawberries into small pieces. In the recipe photo, they are whole, but I wanted to test the recipe and have strawberries of all different sizes. I ended up baking them for an extra hour and they came out great:

Have you tried to make Oven Dried Strawberries? How did it go? What recipe did you use?

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