Olympic Spa - Korean Spa in Los Angeles

10 years living in Los Angeles and I *finally* went to a Korean spa!

I checked out Olympic Spa. A friend offered to meet me there for my first time so I could be more comfortable checking out the facilities because... you know..... new things!

We booked the Pure Bliss package: Scrub, Facial, Massage, and Hair Wash.
125 minutes, $120 + 20-25% tip.

You pay when you arrive. You can pay by cash or credit card for spa services.
Bring cash to tip your Masseuse and the valet.
Yes - THEY HAVE PARKING!! The valet is free, so be prepared to tip!
Olympic Spa is a women's only spa.

What to bring:
Hairbrush and whatever products you need for your hair. They have hair dryers.
They have shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a comb, hairties and qtips.
Cash to tip your masseuse and valet.
Snack if you don't want to eat there - but, they have a restaurant! And it is GOOD!
Bottle of water to keep hydrated. They do have water, coffee, and hot barley tea available.
Sheet mask if not getting a facial there. Headband if you have shorter hair to use for the facemask.
Book to read or color.

What to expect during your visit:
They have lockers to keep your belongings in and will give you a wristband to unlock and lock it.
The wristband has your number on it and they call out your number when it is your treatment time.
The amazing spa rooms I can remember are: a jade sauna, mineral sauna, and an infrared sauna. They had another one, but I did not go in and can't remember what it was... maybe just a regular steam sauna.
They had two spas to relax in, an area to chill, multiple saunas, and jade rooms to relax.
After your treatments, you cannot experience the spa or saunas - you cannot shower for 24 hours.
So, Get all the sauna and spas in before your treatments, plan to eat at the restaurant after.

If you are not getting any spa treatments:
It is $30 to experience the spa and all of the amenities if you are not getting any spa treatments over $80. If you do get a combination of treatments and they meet or exceed $80, the $30 spa fee is waived.
You can bring in a sheet mask to apply if you are not getting a facial.

What to expect during your PURE BLISS spa treatment package:
From the Olympic Spa website:
"This spa experience begins with our famous Akasuri Body Scrub. After a citrus jojoba bead body polish, a full session Korean  rapid lymphatic massage with our own aromatherapy oil blend relieves tired bodies instantly. Now enjoy a stimulating essential oil scalp massage followed by a botanical facial massage and vitamin c mask. Your hair is washed and conditioned. This treatment has been written up in Allure, LA Magazine, Time Out LA & more."

After your treatment, they give you the Songwol towel cloths they used to scrub all the dead skin off. I didn't want to take many photos in there, so here are mine at my house:

Apparently, they are called Songwol towels and can be found on amazon!

They are like scrubbing gloves that are also like washcloths. Perfect to put you hand into while scrubbing all the dead skin off.

How did I live in Los Angeles so long and be so scared to go?
Well... New things can be scary.
New things naked can be super scary.

But, put a friend in the mix who is super comfortable in her skin and who gives you confidence just because she has confidence and says it's cool, and the experience can be so good, you want to make an appointment for just two weeks away!
That is how I feel right now.
I want to go in and get the Reflexology and the Shoulder Relief, since I think getting another body scrub will be too intense for my sensitive skin if it has only been two weeks.
Also, if I get both, the $30 spa fee is waived. If I was going to get only one treatment, it would still cost me $70, but for $10 more, I can have another treatment and have the spa fee waived!
It's the way they get you to upgrade and I love it.

You need to arrive at least 45 minutes before your appointment times, but I suggest arriving at least 2 hours before your treatments to experience all the spa has to offer. Saunas, spas, jade, and peace and quiet are outta this world! You will want to be able to stay and experience more.

10 minutes in each of the sauna rooms is my goal for next time.

I was only able to visit the infrared sauna and the spas, but I would love to go back and spend a whole day there, experiencing every single sauna and spa they have.

I was super nervous, but I should remember, everyone has had a first time there. It is like work, you are nervous on your first day, but you know everyone had a first day. Everyone has experienced a first time there, so don't be nervous about yours.

The scrub was amazing, although it felt like my skin was on fire near the end when she splashed me with water. I think it was just my skin reacting to being exposed like never before!

After, I felt so clean! I mean super, super clean. Like I have never felt before. I can't wait to take my other friends and my family. I really think they will love it.

The nice thing is, if you go with someone else and book your spa treatments for the same time, you will be done at the same time. Once your treatments (Scrub, massage, etc.) have been done, you are not able to shower for 24 hours, so you are not able to experience any more of the spas or saunas.
That means it's time to hit the cafe! It is a perfect way to end a relaxing day at the spa.

The food in the cafe was really good. I had the ramen. It was spicy, but not too overwhelming. My friend had a bubbly pot of deliciousness:

I will find out what it was, because it looked delicious and came with rice. I will have to ask her when we go again..

On their website, they claim a visit will cleanse not only the body, but the soul.
I feel SO GOOD. I have been dealing with a lot in life right now, we will get to that in another post. It feels great to be able to literally feel the past that was stuck all over me to get scrubbed and sloughed away. It it helping me move past and start new.

I plan to go again in a few weeks and get the Reflexology and the Shoulder Relief and spend most of the day there. I would really like to go and experience all of the saunas and rooms, spend about 10 minutes in each and read for about a half hour on the heated jade floor before my treatments. Then, have a late lunch at the cafe before heading home.

I wonder if I would be able to time it right so I can fit in everything I would like to do.
Maybe a few visits, just to get the timing right, is what I need!
Just looking for an excuse to go back again and again...

It was amazing, life changing, and spiritually cleansing. I highly recommend it for anyone who is going through a tough time - that is pretty much everyone, so I guess recommend it to everyone!

Olympic Spa
3915 W. Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019


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