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 I'm GuideToGreen On YouTube

Hello! My name is Heather

Around 8 years ago I moved from San Diego to Los Angeles. Not too far, but they feel like they are worlds apart! Growing up in the beach cities, San Diego is a different vibe than Los Angeles. LA is buzzing all the time and I want to photograph and write about it all!

I love to feature local & handmade goodies and treats. I fiercely support local eateries, family-owned shops, seamstresses and local artists.

Over the past few years I have had a lot of anxiety about posting, writing, and being out there. Something has happened and now I feel like I want to burst because I haven't written or committed to my art for so long. 
Not anymore! 
I've decided I'm not going to let my anxiety stop my anymore from writing and living my best life. Maybe even a plant-based life. 
I try to find the fun in even the small things and I hope reading Fashion Foodie LA will inspire you, too.

More about me:

✽ I am a newlywed! 
✽ I do not have a green thumb, but I love plants.
✽ I am a great baker. Every Christmas, my Mom and I bake a huge amount and gift them to family and friends. Traditions!!
✽ I love taking photographs, writing on this blog, and making videos about everything from how to light a pilot light to unboxings. 
✽ My Cat, Penelope is the best. She is an LA Native from The Lange Foundation



Also, I worked for a Fruit Company when I moved to LA

Truly, I'm just a girly-girl who enjoys our Mother Earth,
 loves makeup and fashion because it is about having fun & using your imagination, 
and someone who loves to eat.

Why I love to write:
Dressing Up Is Fun & Eating Good Food Is Too!

Contact Me:
Instagram: @FashionFoodie
YouTube: GuideToGreen

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