Los Angeles Thrift Outing, Haul, and The Black Keys Concert at the Forum from VerizonUp

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Sephora Shopping Trip

My Sephora Beauty Insider Event 2019 Haul

Join me as we go shopping at Sephora (Macy's just for a minute!) and join me for the haul - showing you all I got from the sale!!

Today is the last day, so get on the computer and place your orders!



Shipwrecked Tiki Bazaar

Shipwrecked is a Tiki Bazaar at the Warehouse Restaurant in Marina Del Rey. Come check it out!

- Heather



DIY: Pant Size Sticks - Cheap Closet Organization

I spray painted a few sticks from home depot's paint section to separate my pants



Olympic Spa - Korean Spa in Los Angeles

10 years living in Los Angeles and I *finally* went to a Korean spa!

I checked out Olympic Spa. A friend offered to meet me there for my first time so I could be more comfortable checking out the facilities because... you know..... new things!

We booked the Pure Bliss package: Scrub, Facial, Massage, and Hair Wash.
125 minutes, $120 + 20-25% tip.



Printable and Customizable Daily Chore List & Meal Planner

My Printable and Customizable Daily Chore List is a great way to keep up with the household chores without feeling overwhelmed. I first spotted it on Instagram, on @30daysblog and had to customize it! Check out her blog, it's super fun and has great printables!

I added a few chores for the kitties, like changing their food dishes and cleaning their water fountain.

I created it because I work from home and it can feel like the little chores really build up at the end of the week. If I take the hour I was driving to and from work and apply it to these chores, I should be able to keep up and have a Saturday morning free!

You can download the document here and can see it here.

I also cerated a weekly meal plan. It's on a different tab at the bottom of the document. Let me know what you think!



Like to wear replicas? Shop Poshmark or Mercari!

If you like certain clothes, or want another sweater exactly like the one you own, but know you can't find in a store, check Poshmark or Mercari.

I have only shopped and sold on Poshmark, so I will talk about that platform.

Both are sites for reselling clothing. You can either shop, or, photograph and list your entire closet, a few items, or source from other shops and friends and create a shop. Most Poshmark sellers are all about creating a digital store, so following them on their social channels is a great way to check out their new listings.

@TheDealQueen is a great resource to check out to understand Poshmark and selling. She has youtube videos and is the only person I look forward to watching their stories on Instagram because she will do haul videos of her finds from goodwill. LOVE HER!

The Deal Queen's Closet - Swoon!!

The Deal Queen!!

How is it different than Ebay?
You can offer, instead of bid, on items and the seller can accept, decline, or counter. Shipping is about $6.50 and tax will be added to the sale.

I think it is great for buying replicas of the items you already own and want more of. Not so great to buy clothing or dresses just because the photos are amazing. I have purchased a jacket and a dress that fit me really weird. I could not return them. If the items do not fit, you cannot return them. You can only return items if they are not as described.

That's why poshmark is great for replicas, but not for new items you are not familiar with. If you have a sweater, pants, or other clothing item you want to replace, it's a GREAT website and app to check out to find what you are looking for.

I got a lot of items as gifts. I see what my friends and family wear, and they get so excited when I find a replica for them. Check it out!!

Pro tip: The search on the website is a lot better than the app. The app doesn't search as well, I don't know why, but it is just that way. Check it out and let me know below what you got!!!



Daily Harvest: Plant Based Meal Subscription Service

Endless delicious options!!

Have you heard of Daily Harvest? It is a plant-based meal service that you can subscribe to. They expanded their offerings from just smoothies, soups, and Harvest Bowls, into Lattes, Oat Bowls, and Chia Bowls. I am thinking of subscribing and checking it out. I love how easy they make eating healthy. It can be daunting to come up with new recipes, and these are freezer friendly!

So, Here is how it works:
Daily Harvest sends these cups filled with fruits, vegges, spices, and grains. You can store them in your freezer. Either heat the cup up on the stove or in the microwave, blend it into a smoothie, add hot water to make it into a soup, or add milk of your choice to the chia bowls.

The point is that it is so easy to make yourself a quick meal, and if you work in an office, going out to lunch can be expensive. At least with these, they are about $7 a cup, but will save a lot of time, effort, and planning. I think these are a good alternative instead of going out for lunch. The smoothies can be kind of expensive, but they sound delicious!

Even if you are not interested in a subscription service, check out their recipes! You might be inspired, you never know!

This is not an ad, I am genuinely interested in finding out if this service is a good one. I love to try subscription services, it can be for food or anything, really, so I am excited to have come across Daily Harvest. Have you tried it? Or, another subscription service? If so, let me know in the comments below.

Here is their Strawberry + Peach Smoothie:



Part 3: Expenses and Budgeting for Everyone

Expenses and Budgeting. Let's get to it. No one wants to, because we don't want to limit ourselves, but at the same time, we know we need it because we need to limit ourselves and not let our money get out of control!

My Cousin told me they wanted to move out to California, so I decided to write a three part blog series and this is the final post in the series! The other two blogs in the series are 1. Renting VS. Buying, and 2. Salary VS. Actual Pay.

Today, we are talking Expenses and Budgeting. A long time ago, I found a worksheet, but I am unable to find it again online. I have this one on my computer, and I am giving it to you in both Excel and PDF form. The excel sheet should calculate everything for you. PDF, will not calculate, but it is a great, one sheet, printable.



Part 2, Salary VS. Actual Pay & An Actual Paycheck In California

Now, Salary VS. Actual Pay. In the last blog, we looked at Renting Vs. Buying in Los Angeles and we will be looking at Expenses and Budgeting in the next blog.

In this blog series, we are talking about three topics:
1. Renting VS. Buying
2. Salary VS. Actual Pay
3. Expenses and Budgeting

If you are wondering what it would be like to move to California, I am here to give you insight.
I have a family member who would like to move out here, but doesn't seem to grasp what it would be like for them out here.
I know they are just tired of the snow and dealing with the cold, but taking a beat and understanding what they are getting into will set expectations and you can benefit, too.

2. Salary VS. Actual Pay:
Salary, or Gross Pay, is what you are making, before taxes and insurance.

Actual Pay:
Actual Pay, or net, is your paycheck after everything has been taken out. Essentially, it is what you are taking home and able to use to live on.

So, what is the actual pay of someone in Los Angeles who, like my cousin, is Single, has no dependents, and no health insurance? Here is a paycheck breakdown for someone like that, single and has no dependents, living in Los Angeles from a friend of mine.
My friend makes $17.50 an hour, for about 8 hours a day, with overtime (time and a half) if he works more than 8 hours a day, so I am going to use a friend's paycheck to show the breakdown. After two weeks, and 79 total working hours, this is what his paycheck looked like in California:



Part 1: Renting VS. Buying

So, you want to move to California...Let's discuss finances

Ever wonder what it would be like to move to California?
I have a family member who would like to move out here, but doesn't seem to grasp what it is like financially at the moment for them, and so many other young professionals.
I know they are just tired of the snow and dealing with the cold, but taking a beat and understanding what they are getting into will really help.

Let's talk about three topics:
1. Renting VS. Buying
2. Salary VS. Actual Pay
3. Expenses and Budgeting



Lush Bath Bomb!! Guardian Of The Forest

It's not just bath bombs and bubble bars! Lush has some pretty fresh products that are amazing.  As my new self-care initiative for this year, I am going to try different bath bombs and products. As usual, I will let you know how they are - good or bad.

Today, I dropped a bath bomb from Lush. The the Guardian of the Forest ($8) It smelled amazing! Here is the LUSH description:

"Find the spirit of the forest, dappled with mossy greens and soft with the shimmer of luster. Prickly on the senses at first, the scent of calming cypress and mystical oakmoss absolute will embrace you, drawing you into the bright, sunlit heart of this woodland bomb. It's packed with its very own forest protector: sustainably sourced and seriously intoxicating rosewood oil."

It didn't leave any green residue in the tub and it was very relaxing. It was fun to have a super green bath water - it made anything under it look like it should have been in Wicked

I had to take a video while it was dissolving because it was so beautiful and meditative with the silver sparkles, which also dissolved.

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