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I love Lara Spencer. I too brake for yard sales!

It is no secret anymore!! I love Lara Spencer. I also brake for yard sales!


Take Home Goodies

I must say Tender Greens is one of my favorite restaurants in Culver City. They shut down for a little to remodel and when they reopened, they also started to feature some very tasty treats to take home. They are making marmalade's and jams and are also making cookies and apple cider caramels! I am so excited about the fresh new addition to the menu!

As you can see, I decided on the apple cider caramels and the kumquat marmalade. The caramels are so fresh you can easily squeeze them! They are delicious and mellow with a hint of apple cider. I hade never eaten a kumquat, but I figured in a marmalade, it couldn't be too bad! The kumquat marmalade is sweet, but tangy. It is a little overwhelming, but if you know not to pile it onto your cracker, you will enjoy the intense flavor of the marmalade. I highly recommend trying one of the take home goodies! If you do, let me know in the comments below!!


BOYCRAZY RADIO by Alexi Wasser | Blog Talk Radio Shoutout!!

BOYCRAZY RADIO (kissing crusade) 03/13 by Alexi Wasser | Blog Talk Radio

About 40 minutes in, Alexi Wasser mentions me!!!

I kind of have a love for this girl! HER STYLE IS SO CUTE! Think Madewell, but not so Grandma. More adorable meets classic.

Watch/listen to her and love her!

She has a love line-esque podcast/radio show every Wednesday!!


Neighbor in my window

Let's talk about Fashion Star Season 2!


Duct Tape Lover

Hello Darlings,

Duck Tape is fun. I love it. I am not ashamed of my love. I have heard that 3M has a similar type of tape and that it comes in a crazy amount of colors and I will be reviewing it soon! But, for now, I have a roll of Duck Tape that I used on my filing cabinet. I used it to change the color of the cardboard bin I use to keep my scarves in! Check it out:

It is amazing what a little bit of duct tape can do to products! This cardboard box I picked up at Target for $2.50 looks so much better with this high gloss teal color. I love to see the potential in items that look like they are not my style. I can change them with just a little bit of Duct Tape and you can too! What have you revamped lately to make it look great? Let me know down below!



Refurnish Update!

Update on my bar cart, my piano bench, and my no jeans for March challenge!



The Sunny Spot!

The Sunny Spot on Washington Blvd in Venice, CA is just delicious! 
I went there on a whim one night while staying at a hotel in Marina Del Rey. This place is a hidden gem! It features an outdoor patio, a bar area with LOTS of hightop tables, and if you make reservations, a very private dining area with a fun canopy table in the corner!
I am on their website and it is part of the Reiss Company Restaurants! This means Sunny Spot has the same parents as A-Frame, the Alibi Room, The Brig, and Littlefork. Looks like I have a lot of exploring to do! Maybe I should try to go to the other restaurants and bars and review them. 

What is your favorite dish at The Sunny Spot?
Le me know in the comments below!

822 Washington Blvd, Venice, CA 90292 tel: 310-448-8884

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