The Sunny Spot!

The Sunny Spot on Washington Blvd in Venice, CA is just delicious! 
I went there on a whim one night while staying at a hotel in Marina Del Rey. This place is a hidden gem! It features an outdoor patio, a bar area with LOTS of hightop tables, and if you make reservations, a very private dining area with a fun canopy table in the corner!
I am on their website and it is part of the Reiss Company Restaurants! This means Sunny Spot has the same parents as A-Frame, the Alibi Room, The Brig, and Littlefork. Looks like I have a lot of exploring to do! Maybe I should try to go to the other restaurants and bars and review them. 

What is your favorite dish at The Sunny Spot?
Le me know in the comments below!

822 Washington Blvd, Venice, CA 90292 tel: 310-448-8884


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