Duct Tape Lover

Hello Darlings,

Duck Tape is fun. I love it. I am not ashamed of my love. I have heard that 3M has a similar type of tape and that it comes in a crazy amount of colors and I will be reviewing it soon! But, for now, I have a roll of Duck Tape that I used on my filing cabinet. I used it to change the color of the cardboard bin I use to keep my scarves in! Check it out:

It is amazing what a little bit of duct tape can do to products! This cardboard box I picked up at Target for $2.50 looks so much better with this high gloss teal color. I love to see the potential in items that look like they are not my style. I can change them with just a little bit of Duct Tape and you can too! What have you revamped lately to make it look great? Let me know down below!


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