Meditating: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

A few weeks ago, I came across an article on Goop about a meditation studio in Los Angeles - Unplug Meditation. I have been there, but for the price, I was not really impressed with the class. (Maybe they will start to offer a Student discount.) However, I was very impressed with their Meditation chairs. I thought to myself "I could download a Meditation app, get one of these amazing Meditation chairs, and have this experience comfortably at home and not deal with driving in Los Angeles or parking."

Apparently, the writer of the Goop article agreed with me - although she didn't mention the price or the issue of finding parking... She only wrote a measly, but positive, paragraph about Unplug Meditation and then gives us SIX meditation apps! She obviously did not have a great experience - why would she give a list of apps if she is promoting a Studio? Maybe for people not living in Los Angeles, but for you all I say "No worries! We don't like that elitist Studio anyway." Go ahead and download a bunch of free meditation apps, try them, and delete the ones you are not impressed with. That way when you are ready to meditate, you will only have the apps you like to choose from.

After my class, I asked the receptionist if she knew where I could get one of the chairs, and she rudely told me she had no idea. The chairs have a tag on them that says "Improvements" and I had already taken a photo of the tag and the chair, just in case I had to search for them.

improvements meditation chair tag

It was not easy to find these chairs on the website. They don't come up when you type in meditation chairs (which is a key word if they connected to their site would bring a lot of sales) and they don't come up when you search folding chairs, either. But, I kept on trying and guess what?!?!

They are on the Improvements website and they are called the 5-Position Floor Chair. 
After having them for a while, I have realized I use these a lot!

improvements meditation chair
Meditation chair in chair position

Penelope the cat loves these!!! It was hard to keep her off.

I don't use these just for meditating; I love to use them for the kiddo's nap time - it is just a perfect little bed to lay on the floor instead of just a mat. They are also great for anywhere you need a backrest and a little more cushion - like bleachers. I know they are a little big to be carrying to some far away place, but carrying them from the parking lot to the bleachers at the local field is not too far. And they make the bleachers COMFY! Who says that? The owner of these chairs, that's who! As you can see in the photos, they lay flat and that makes them easy to store.

Penelope with the chair in the flat position

Now, go calm your mind and get your Meditation on!
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