DIY: Flat Iron Steak Sandwich

I just got this amazing $20 cast iron grill pan from Target. I do not have a balcony or any outside area at my apartment so this pan is the perfect option since I am unable to have a grill. 
The flat iron steak sandwich had chopped jalapeños, Trader Joe's fresh pesto, mozzarella, and I also had Trader Joe's onion rings. I highly recommend the pesto and the onion rings. 
I love trying new things from Trader Joe's, Fresh and Easy, and Whole Foods; and this was the first time I had the pesto and the onion rings - they were very good! We used Famous Dave's Steak & Burger Seasoning and the meat came out flavorful and tender! I loved it! I am still amazed that this came out of my kitchen, and all because we got a grill-like skillet. 
I'm in love!

Do you have a grill or a grill pan? What do you love to make?





Unboxing My Birchbox Through Google Glass

Me Unboxing My Birchbox Filmed Using Google Glass!


Fireworks From The Roof #ThroughGlass

This was my view of the fireworks show in Los Angeles, CA for the 4th of July! I am so lucky to have friends in high places! I have never seen the fireworks this way - to be able to watch them go off from a rooftop! I filmed the whole 20 minute show using my Google Glasses. I think the quality is pretty good for such a compact camera. Don't you? How was your holiday?
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