Part 1: Renting VS. Buying

So, you want to move to California...Let's discuss finances

Ever wonder what it would be like to move to California?
I have a family member who would like to move out here, but doesn't seem to grasp what it is like financially at the moment for them, and so many other young professionals.
I know they are just tired of the snow and dealing with the cold, but taking a beat and understanding what they are getting into will really help.

Let's talk about three topics:
1. Renting VS. Buying
2. Salary VS. Actual Pay
3. Expenses and Budgeting



Lush Bath Bomb!! Guardian Of The Forest

It's not just bath bombs and bubble bars! Lush has some pretty fresh products that are amazing.  As my new self-care initiative for this year, I am going to try different bath bombs and products. As usual, I will let you know how they are - good or bad.

Today, I dropped a bath bomb from Lush. The the Guardian of the Forest ($8) It smelled amazing! Here is the LUSH description:

"Find the spirit of the forest, dappled with mossy greens and soft with the shimmer of luster. Prickly on the senses at first, the scent of calming cypress and mystical oakmoss absolute will embrace you, drawing you into the bright, sunlit heart of this woodland bomb. It's packed with its very own forest protector: sustainably sourced and seriously intoxicating rosewood oil."

It didn't leave any green residue in the tub and it was very relaxing. It was fun to have a super green bath water - it made anything under it look like it should have been in Wicked

I had to take a video while it was dissolving because it was so beautiful and meditative with the silver sparkles, which also dissolved.

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