Gloria's is glorious!

While watching the Food Network, they visited Gloria's on Venice blvd and were raving about the Seven Seas Soup. It had shrimp and crab legs crawling out of the bowl!

Seven Seas Soup 
The Seven Seas Soup has fish, shrimp,crab legs, octopus, calamari, and scallops in a veggie broth. The food was good, but as you can see the guacamole was amazing! We ate it all!

I got a #7 which has a beef tamale, a cheese enchilada, and a beef taco. The taco and tamale were so good! I have had better enchilada sauce. If the sauce on the enchilada is not great, the enchilada will be bland and boring. My advice, either go for taco's and tamale's or go for the Seven Seas Soup.


The fried plantains were so tasty! I was overall surprised at how busy and how good the food was. From the street, you would never know it is such a gem! I really like Gloria's. Go visit and tell me what you think. Or, if you're not in Los Angeles, tell me a great restaurant where you live with an amazing seafood soup!
10227 Venice Blvd
Los Angles, CA 90034
(310) 838-0963



Santa Monica Flea Market

What did you do this weekend? Anything fun and new?


My Frankenstein Eyelash Curler

Hello Darlings,

We have all had them. The beauty tools we love so much we use them everyday until they no longer perform well. They worked so wonderfully the first million times we used them. But, now.... they are slowly loosing power. Some just need a good cleaning (like your brushes) but some tools need more than a cleaning. They need new wedges. They need new tiny parts or accessories to make them feel like new. I don't really know the exact term for the extra curling 'wedge' that comes with the curler, so I am calling it a 'wedge'.

Curvy VS. Straight
This is my situation with a Revlon eyelash curler and a Trim brand Eyelash curler: I love the cushiness of the Trim brand's plastic wedge, but I do not like the shape of the Trim eyelash curler. It is very straight and it pulls on my lashes. I want an eyelash curler to gently curl my lashes, not make me feel like it is pulling out my lashes all at once. The Revlon curler is gold and the Trim curler is silver. As you can see, the Revlon curler is much more circular.

I was looking at my gold Revlon curler thinking "I never see a gold eyelash curler. They are always silver. All the Revlon curler really needs is a new wedge. I wonder if this cushy one will fit..." It took a little pushing (and some squeezing on the curler), but I got it to fit!! I am so excited! It is the little things in life that are awesome; like getting to save your favorite beauty tools from the trash. It was heartbreaking to think about tossing it because I love the shape! It is very circular and not straight, like the Trim eyelash curler.

In case you were wondering why I did not just buy another Revlon eyelash curler:
Reason #1: I can't locate one!
Reason #2: The Trim eyelash curler was a gift and I feel bad taking it back when I cannot find the Revlon curler to exchange it for. I needed one, and asked for an eyelash curler, but I did not like the Trim brand curler after just one use.

What beauty tools have you Frankenstein'd? Let me know in the comments below!


How to: Coupon Box

In this video I show you my coupon box categories and my suggestion on what to use as a box.

The categories I use are:
Baking, Beverages, Bread, Cans, Cat, Cereal, 
Chips/Snacks, Cleaning, Dressings and Condiments, Dairy, Frozen, 
Health, Meats, Pasta, Plastics and Paper, and Veggies!!

Have fun!

This is how much I spent and saved last time I went to the grocery store:

What do you use as your coupon box?


Smash Burger smashed its way into my heart!

I love hamburgers. I feel so lucky because a new hamburger joint opened up close by! The burgers are juicy and they are not expensive. If you don't eat beef, you can have any smashburger with chicken instead. They also offer salads and they even have a kids menu. It's a chain, but it's so fresh! 

I ordered the Avocado Club Smashburger with fresh avocado, applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, ranch dressing and mayo on a multi-grain bun. It was really fresh and juicy. The edges were crunchy from it being smashed on the griddle. Overall, I am impressed with the quality and the fact that they have sauces and toppings that are free. Most places charge you at every chance they have. At smashburger you can have a quality hamburger with onion strings for under $10.

BTW: The root beer floats are made with IBC Root Beer and Haagen Daas Ice Cream! HEAVENLY! And if you don't want a float, you can choose between a shake or a malt!! 
Their Smashfries have garlic and rosemary. They offer fries without seasoning and 
they have onion strings and sweet potato fries, too.

This place is super family friendly. The one I visited was super small, 
but it busted out hamburgers like no one's business! 

And, if you sign up for their Smashclub right now, 
you get a coupon for buy one get one free! Sign up on their website HERE.



New Monopoly Token Voting and Why Birchbox Rocks

New Monopoly Token Voting and Why Birchbox Rocks! 

I'm back up on the Monday vlogging train! Hope I stay on for a while! Wish me luck!

What is your New Year's resolution? Let me know in a video or down below in the comments!


Using Duck Tape To Refinish An Old Filing Cabinet

Hello Darlings,
As you all have seen, it does not take a lot to revamp an old filing cabinet. I used Duck Tape and Rust Oleum Paint for this project. I loved the color of the Duck Tape and I could not find any solid color wallpaper, fabric, or contact paper I liked. When I came across this beautiful Duck Tape, I knew wanted to use it on my old filing cabinet. It gives the cabinet a great stripe texture, too! 

Here is the process in photos:

I removed the handle hardware on the 
drawers before putting the tape on.

Almost done!

What I used:

I just love revamping old furniture in my apartment! It is fun to have nice things and to avoid the cost! It's all about DIY. 
Revamp your filing cabinet and leave the link to your blog down below! 
I would love to see your project!
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