My Frankenstein Eyelash Curler

Hello Darlings,

We have all had them. The beauty tools we love so much we use them everyday until they no longer perform well. They worked so wonderfully the first million times we used them. But, now.... they are slowly loosing power. Some just need a good cleaning (like your brushes) but some tools need more than a cleaning. They need new wedges. They need new tiny parts or accessories to make them feel like new. I don't really know the exact term for the extra curling 'wedge' that comes with the curler, so I am calling it a 'wedge'.

Curvy VS. Straight
This is my situation with a Revlon eyelash curler and a Trim brand Eyelash curler: I love the cushiness of the Trim brand's plastic wedge, but I do not like the shape of the Trim eyelash curler. It is very straight and it pulls on my lashes. I want an eyelash curler to gently curl my lashes, not make me feel like it is pulling out my lashes all at once. The Revlon curler is gold and the Trim curler is silver. As you can see, the Revlon curler is much more circular.

I was looking at my gold Revlon curler thinking "I never see a gold eyelash curler. They are always silver. All the Revlon curler really needs is a new wedge. I wonder if this cushy one will fit..." It took a little pushing (and some squeezing on the curler), but I got it to fit!! I am so excited! It is the little things in life that are awesome; like getting to save your favorite beauty tools from the trash. It was heartbreaking to think about tossing it because I love the shape! It is very circular and not straight, like the Trim eyelash curler.

In case you were wondering why I did not just buy another Revlon eyelash curler:
Reason #1: I can't locate one!
Reason #2: The Trim eyelash curler was a gift and I feel bad taking it back when I cannot find the Revlon curler to exchange it for. I needed one, and asked for an eyelash curler, but I did not like the Trim brand curler after just one use.

What beauty tools have you Frankenstein'd? Let me know in the comments below!

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