STMT DIY Bath Bombs and Spa Set Gift with Instructions


I got the S.T.M.T. DIY Bath Bombs and Spa Set, but I could not find the Instructions. 
Let's make some bath bombs and roller scents from essential oils!

This kit is $20 from Target.

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By making your own bath bombs, you can create an
at-home spa experience! Mix together beautiful colors and
create awesome bath bombs that pop and fizz in your tub!Here is what you will need: 
Bath Bomb Mold, Bath Bomb Mixture,
Baking Soda, Essential Oil, Mica Powder, Glitter (Optional), Dried Flowers (Optional),
Water (Not Included), Bowl (Not Included), Tablespoon (Not Included),
Teaspoon (Not Included)

Step 1: Gather your dry ingredients and get a bowl at least 8oz in size. Pour in 4
tablespoons and 2 teaspoons of baking soda. Then, pour in 8 tablespoons of bath
bomb mixture (Image A). Mix thoroughly with your hands to break up any clumps
until all ingredients are blended. You can also add dried flowers; we suggest rose
petals (Image B).
Step 2: Add ½ teaspoon of the mica powder color of your choice into the mixture
and stir well. If you want to make a sparkling, glittery bath bomb, add ¼ teaspoon of
glitter to the mixture as well (IMAGE C).
Tip: For this step you may want to switch out your hands for a stirrer stick or spoon.
Step 3: Add oil to the mixture. Add 15 drops (or ¼ teaspoon) of the essential oil
of your choice and blend together. (IMAGES D, E).
Step 4: Add water to the mixture. Measure ¼ teaspoon of water. As you are
blending the mixture with one hand, slowly sprinkle the water into the mixture with
the other (IMAGE F).
Tip: To help the mold release cleanly, place plastic wrap (not included) inside the
mold before adding the bomb dough to the mold.
Step 5: Place the mixture into the mold. (Images G & H) Fill each side of
your mold with your mixture little by little, and continuously press it down with
your finger to ensure that it’s packed in tightly. Fill each side all the way up to
the edge and press hard with your finger until you cannot fill it anymore. Then,
pack a little extra in the middle of each side (do not pack this in tightly with
your finger), and press the two sides together tightly.
Step 6: Remove the bath bomb from of the mold. Let your bath bomb sit
inside the mold for one hour. After an hour has passed, gently squeeze the mold
and shake it a bit to release the bath bomb from the mold without breaking it.

Step 7: Watch it pop and fizz! When you are ready to use one of your bath
bombs, simply drop it into a warm bath, and enjoy!

Step 1: To create a multi-colored bath bomb, you need to make multiple
mixtures of each color in separate bowls. (IMAGE J)

For example, to make a two colored bath bomb, create a bath bomb mixture
with pink mica in one bowl, and create another bath bomb mixture with
purple in another bowl.
Tip: To help the mold release cleanly, place plastic wrap (not included)
inside the mold before adding the bomb dough to the mold.
Step 2: Fill the mold partially with the first color of your choice, and
then add another layer of different colored mixtures on top of the first
colored mixture. Do this over and over again until your molds are filled.
When you remove the bath bombs from the molds, you will see layers
with all of the different colors you used! (IMAGES K, L)

Here is what you will need: Roller Bottles, Sunflower Oil, Mica Powder,
Funnel, Essential Oils, Iridescent Glitter, Measuring Cup, Wooden Stick, Sticker Label
Step 1: Pour about 5ml of sunflower oil into your measuring cup. (IMAGE M)

Step 2: Select your favorite essential oil and pour a few drops into the
measuring cup.
Step 3: Select which color of mica powder you want to use, and sprinkle as
little or as much as you’d like inside. You can also sprinkle in some iridescent
glitter. (IMAGE N)
Step 4: Mix contents together using your wooden stick until they are fully blended.
Step 5: Remove the roller ball from the top of your bottle, and use your funnel to
pour the contents inside. Pop the roller ball back on once filled. (IMAGE O)
Step 6: Select a sticker label and adhere it to your roller bottle.


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