Easy Homemade Popovers

These popovers were very easy to make! This recipe is basic and only has four ingredients, but you can add almost anything you want to this recipe. You could add bacon, citrus zest, chocolate, or cinnamon and sugar to make them even better!



Blaze Pizza - A New Pizzeria!

A new pizza joint opened up in Culver City! Blaze Pizza is the new casual pizza concept by the creators of California Pizza Kitchen Restaurants. 
The pizza is made within minutes of ordering - and when you order, it is like you are at Chipotle or Subway - you choose the ingredients and they put them on as you go down the line. 



Homemade Bread Pudding!

I love bread pudding! It is one of my favorite desserts. 
When done right, the textures and flavors create a unique dessert 
that will leave you full but not overloaded. (Unless you eat a whole bunch of it! LOL!)

I decided to search out the recipe in my old cookbooks from my Grandmother. I know I can search the internet, but these were published nearly 50 years ago - I believe classic recipes are the best and I know I am getting the basic, classic recipe when I look through these books. This Bread Pudding recipe comes from the 1968 version of Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book.



REVIEW: Trader Joe's Chicken Parmigiana

You know I am in love with any kind of dinner that is easy, tasty, and not too bad for you. 
I have tried (and reviewed here) Trader Joe's Chicken Piccata and I really liked it, 
so I decided to try their Chicken Parmigiana. 

I choose to make it in the oven. You are able to microwave it, but I had the time and I wanted the chicken to crisp up, so I baked it in the oven for about 20 minutes.



A Beautiful December Day At The San Diego Zoo Safari Park

The San Diego Zoo is considered one of the best (if not THE best) Zoo's in the United States. They have an extension, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park (to the locals, like me, we grew up knowing it as the Wild Animal Park.)

The botanicals here are beautiful!

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park (still labeled on their glass map as the WILD ANIMAL PARK!) is located just east of Escondido, California.

It is a beautiful place to walk around - I went on December 28, 2013 and the weather was just amazing. Not too hot, not too cold. I swear, San Diego has no other weather except perfect all year round!

End of December - they can still have their versions of the Christmas Tree up.

Really, $18 is not a bad price for a hot air balloon ride to see the Safari Park from above!

They do have decks you can walk around to see the animals, too.

Look at these views! So much land for the animals!

The Lions even have their own Jeep! Pampered kitties!

You can take a tram ride and see a lot of animals. I loved it near the end of our day there - it was a nice way to sit down and unwind, but still see the animals.

The Rhinos eat super close to the Tram and they are HUGE!

The Flamingo's who used to be at the entrance of the San Diego Zoo!

The Cheetah waiting for 3:30 to do the Cheetah Run!

My Travel Tip to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park: Bring in your own snacks, lunch, and beverages in a backpack. You will save a lot of money not paying $4.00 for just water, you will not have to wait in lines for food, and you will be eating exactly what you wanted - you brought it!

Have fun in San Diego! What was your experience like at your local Zoo? Let me know below!


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