It's Finally Back! Trader Joe's Chicken Piccata REVIEW

It is finally back! I am so excited to be able to review Trader Joe's Chicken Piccata! It was one of my favorite meals to have, but a few months ago it was pulled from the shelves to be redesigned - not just the packaging, but the whole recipe!

Now, the sauce is separate from the chicken. Also, no pasta or broccoli with this new version. I still made it in the oven. The chicken came out crispy and it did not take long, maybe 25 minutes.

The tip that I keep on giving: Place a wooden spoon on top of the pot of boiling water to prevent the water from boiling over the side and onto the stove. I used this spatula - it has a bamboo handle!

In the end, I made pasta, garlic bread, and added fresh broccoli to make the meal complete. 
Let's get on with the review!

Meal: Trader Joe's Chicken Piccata

Did it come Fresh, Refrigerated, or Frozen: Refrigerated

Did it look like the photo on the packaging when you were done? Yes. (Salad in photo not included with the meal - just the chicken and the piccata sauce.)

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes. I used the oven to prepare the meal. The chicken goes in the oven on a baking sheet in the tray provided and the sauce packet is placed in a small pot of boiling water to warm it up. 

What did you particularly like or dislike about the meal? I liked the crispy-ness of the chicken, but it needs either a veggie or a starch to accompany it. It is not really a complete dinner.

Recipe alterations or any changes you made: I added pasta and broccoli. The old recipe had 

Would you make it again? Yes!

Would you recommend it to others? Yes, but be ready to have other items to create a complete meal.

Let me know what you would like me to review next in the comments below! Have you tried the Chicken Piccata? What did you think?




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