Yokohama Sushi Dinner

I am usually a little weary about going to new sushi places. I am always looking for the grade from the city to make sure it is an A restaurant - when it comes to uncooked fish, cleanliness is key!
If you have ever worked in a restaurant you know what it takes to get an A rating. Working in and eating in a restaurant that has a B rating is a huge no-no. Luckily, Yokohama Sushi proudly displayed their A rating right on the front door and I was able to say "Ok, we can try Yokohama Sushi."

I love salt. I love endamame. I love salty endamame and this endamame was almost there! I had to show you an up close view of that perfect swirl! I think they used a pastry bag. It is too perfect!

A collage of the rolls we tried. They were all super fresh and delicious! I highly recommend to take a moment away from the menu and look at the specials posted on the wall. The specials on the wall are not on the menu - so take a look! It is worth it! The roll on the bottom left is a special!

Have fun!

3859 Overland Ave
Culver City, CA 90232


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