Have you heard of Cotton On yet? Now you have! Let the love begin!

Shopping at Cotton On!! Tell me where you love to shop!!




Gorilla Glue To The Handbag Rescue

I purchased a few damaged handbags and I am showing you that you 
can use Gorilla Glue to repair handbags easily!

Shop thrift and do your own repairs! Stay green!


Two Point Oh! Pre-Los Angeles Fashion Week Party 2012 (Part 1)

The Two Point Oh! Pre-Los Angeles Fashion Week Party 2012 was held at the Cement Studio in Los Angeles. It was a beautiful night! Beautiful people, great vibes, and amazing bloggers! I have so many fantastic photos that we have to make it two posts! This is Part 1:

The treat table

View from Cement Studio

Eleven floors up and a window at the party is wide open without a screen. I can touch the cement art on the outside of the building! It was nice to have fresh air, though. It got hot in there!

 Gina McFinch - A beautiful pin-up punk style blogger. I seriously ADORE her style.

Chilling out for a minute with a beverage from Hard Luck.

 Love AKeeneSenseOfStyle's bright red lips against her jet black hair! The color combo is perfect!

I had so much fun at Two Point Oh!'s Pre-Los Angeles Fashion Week Party 2012
at the beautiful Cement Studio in Los Angeles.
I was able to connect with so many great fashion bloggers! I met up with
from , , ,
and with my photographer @thelaobserver!
Part 2 of the party coming up next post!




OlloClip, LAFW and RED Cinema Cameras Video

I just love my OlloClip! What if I could shoot Los Angeles Fashion Week using just my iPhone and my OlloClip? That would be so fun!

I went to REDucation at RED Studios in Hollywood last Wednesday. It was inspiring!

I want to have solid, attainable goals. I want to shoot Los Angeles Fashion Week with RED cinema cameras! Gotta get on the forums!



REDucation Open House Fun Times

My first time inside Stage 5! Hopefully, not my last!

Inside Stage 5

Amazing Lights In The Bathroom

Metta and I!

Never Seen A Square Toilet!

4K and 5K Projectors! So Beautiful!!

 RED STUDIOS 40 ft. Screen!!

 Inside Stage 5 - With One Person. Can You See How Huge It Is?

 Random Large Chair Spotted On The Way Home

 I was excited when I was there. Can you tell?

 Street Art found on Melrose. Love the bleeding camera.

Overall, the REDucation Open House last night was so fun! Free admission and we were able to see student videos and see trailers for upcoming films using the RED cameras. I want one! Can I be anyone's Assistant DP? PLEASE!! Or, how about a scholarship for the dreamers like me to attend REDucation!

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