REDucation Open House Fun Times

My first time inside Stage 5! Hopefully, not my last!

Inside Stage 5

Amazing Lights In The Bathroom

Metta and I!

Never Seen A Square Toilet!

4K and 5K Projectors! So Beautiful!!

 RED STUDIOS 40 ft. Screen!!

 Inside Stage 5 - With One Person. Can You See How Huge It Is?

 Random Large Chair Spotted On The Way Home

 I was excited when I was there. Can you tell?

 Street Art found on Melrose. Love the bleeding camera.

Overall, the REDucation Open House last night was so fun! Free admission and we were able to see student videos and see trailers for upcoming films using the RED cameras. I want one! Can I be anyone's Assistant DP? PLEASE!! Or, how about a scholarship for the dreamers like me to attend REDucation!


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