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My mini-collection of 3 Bungalow 360 Handbags, 3 Andy Warhol Bags, and 12 Harvey's Seatbelt Bags. I have included a slightly off shot of the tan H&M bag I got for about $18 after the 24% discount I got from checking into foursquare!! Also, the H&M bag in black and green. I loved all three, but settled on just one!
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The cuteness of this treat is inspiring. I had to take photos and post them. I found this while grabbing a Godmother sandwich from Bay Cities Deli in Santa Monica. The treat was amazing! It had the lightest and crunchy outside with tiny chocolate morsels. While inside it had a nice cocoa and cream filling! I recommend this treat to anyone! Grab one next time you grab a Godmother from Bay Cities!
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