Printable and Customizable Daily Chore List & Meal Planner

My Printable and Customizable Daily Chore List is a great way to keep up with the household chores without feeling overwhelmed. I first spotted it on Instagram, on @30daysblog and had to customize it! Check out her blog, it's super fun and has great printables!

I added a few chores for the kitties, like changing their food dishes and cleaning their water fountain.

I created it because I work from home and it can feel like the little chores really build up at the end of the week. If I take the hour I was driving to and from work and apply it to these chores, I should be able to keep up and have a Saturday morning free!

You can download the document here and can see it here.

I also cerated a weekly meal plan. It's on a different tab at the bottom of the document. Let me know what you think!


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