Diana Jenkins inside W magazine

No wonder the headline "Second Life: Diana Jenkins's Refugee-to-Riches Story" made the front cover of W's July 2010 publication! Diana (Sanela) Jenkins seems amazing and driven.

I love to hear about women whom take initiative. This story left me inspired to do more. Inspired to volunteer. She is a courageous woman whom left her family and her country to live a better life.

I feel like I can’t even do her justice if I try to describe how wonderful she is.
Read the article HERE.

The article is fabulous and will make you feel like you can do more for others in your lifetime. Well written articles on inspiring lives are not usually in the pages of W. Usually, the pages of W are filled with expensive baubles and fake models. (Fake models = airbrushed pictures) Giving a glimpse into a lifestyle that I cannot have, but would like to in the future. I was first attracted to this magazine when I was in college and modeling. The large, glossy pages with the clean layouts and the gossip in the back made me fall in love with W. The gossip is gone, but the magazine is still large, glossy, and clean. "Clean" to me does not mean it has no nudity - Art has nudity and so does W - But, "Clean" to me pertains to the design of the photos when showcasing fashion pieces.

Diana Jenkins is not only a woman with great fashion, but also a woman with great passion to connect people and help others. I have added another item to my list of things to do in my lifetime: Meet Diana (Sanela) Jenkins.

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