Lanvin for H&M

Legendary couture house Lanvin will be coming to H&M stores on November 20, 2010. Major crowds are expected and they will be doing bracelet color shopping (certain colors have certain shopping times to reduce lines). 89 pieces make up the collection. Everything from frilly dresses, hoodies, suits, leather gloves and lipsticks! View the full LANVIN collection.

I am very excited because H&M has really been going for the designer lovers in all of us! They caught my attention when they paired up with Jimmy Choo (although I was not too impressed with the heels). The ladies Lanvin Collection is very flowery and frilly, but has a sexy edge to the dresses and the accessories. They match gold with pearls and colorful flowers! I cannot wait to get my hands on a beautiful pearl bracelet with a green/teal flower!!
The collection is huge, but I hope the H&M in Los Angles gets all the pieces - sometimes, my favorites do not show up in the store, but I know what I want because I see the lookbooks. Gotta do your homework before you hit the store! The Gaultier collection for Target had a great trench, but it never showed up in the Target stores near me! I was dissappointed, but I love when designers pair up with affordable stores. This is a great time for quality fashion at reasonable prices - Keep giving us great designers at awesome prices!! Thank You Fashion Gods!

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