Venice High Flea Market

I found a website listing the Venice High Flea Market as a place where 60 vendors meet up in the 2nd Saturday of every month. They boasted the Venice High Flea Market as a place where you can find "Great antiques, clothing, jewelry, collectibles, toys, crafts, and much more..." Actually, the Venice High Flea Market was super lame! It only had about 22 vendors (I counted 20 inside and 2 outside). After I left, I realized I could not be disappointed in a flea market that does not charge. I had a nice time walking around in the California sunshine, but the Venice High Flea Market was a bust. No good antiques, clothing, collectibles, toys, or crafts - just a bunch of overpriced junk - I was listening to people ask prices of trinkets and the popular going rate: $5. I was shocked. I kept putting things down when Vendors repeatedly asked outrageous flea market prices for junk they didn't even want. Even a (clearly) used pet bed was quoted at $10. Hardly attending the Venice High Flea Market actually bought anything. Almost everyone I saw leaving around 10:45 (I came at 9:30) left empty handed.

Venice High Flea Market Rating:
Reason for rating: Lots of overpriced junk, no antiques or anything of real quality, received a higher rating for free street parking and admission.

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