Tiffany & Co. Leather Goods

I love gold jewelry! I am highly allergic to nickel - I break out in crazy, itchy, red hives. NO GOOD! So, I have learned I cannot wear any sterling silver or any gold under 10k. This has made my love for plastic jewelry sky-rocket because I know for a fact it has no nickel or metal of any kind. But, my love for gold jewelry still reigns supreme. 

As I was browsing the Tiffany & Co. website (A girl can dream, OK!) I noticed the Leather goods offered this christmas season for ladies and men. They have a cute travel jewelry holder for just $75, a passport holder for $145, and two makeup bags: Small $125, Large $175. Great gift ideas for the classic-style fashion lover for less than $200! For pictures and descriptions, visit the Tiffany Website

They have released new Tiffany Somerset Rings with diamonds! Just goregous!! My favorite Tiffany Ring!




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