Wurstkuche: Venice, Los Angeles

Wurstkuche in Venice

Wurstkuche in Venice is a hip and mellow place where you eat in a "Dining Hall" that doubles as a dance club/place to be. Steel tables in the shape of coffins are all around and the chairs and floors are made of wood. We sat against the brick wall, next to the turntables that were not being used, but great music still played. They have so many glasses for their beer. It was amazing to see a restaurant use different beer glasses and goblets. It was so fun! I had the Vegetarian Mexican Chipotle Sausage made of chipotle, arbol chilles, garlic, and onions. Topped with grilled onions and sweet peppers. And the classic Kielbasa which is polish style, pork, beef, onions and spices. Topped with Sauerkraut and hot peppers. What is your favorite type of sausage? From where?

I highly recommend this hip, fun, tasty, and chill place for lunch or dinner!

As you can see from the amount of photos I like hipstagram. Maybe a little too much.


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