Instagram Photo A Day Challenge: January 2012 - Part 1

Here I have my Instagram Photo A Day Challenge for January 2012. This is my first goal this year!

Day 1: You

Day 2: Breakfast

Day 3: Something You Adore

Day 4: Letterbox

Day 5: Something You Wore

Day 6: Makes You Smile

Day 7: Favourite

Day 8: Your Sky

Day 9: Daily Routine

Day 10: Childhood

Day 11: Where You Sleep

Day 12: Close-Up

Day 13: In Your Bag

Day 14: Something You're Reading

Day 15: Happiness

I am halfway through my January 2012 challenge!!! I wanted to give an update because I felt that if I blasted you all with 31 pictures it might be too much! Although the challenge has a list, my personal challenge is to take a photo every day and use that photo to use as my submission for my challenge - I am really good at pre-planning and sticking to it. I wanted to challenge myself to not plan any photos, but to take them on the same day I am posting them. So far, I have been able to take a moment out of my day everyday to take and post a photo. Have fun Instagraming everyone!!
- Heather [@fashionfoodie on Instagram]

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