I got a haircut and it was a great experience!

Michael James is a FANTASTIC stylist! He cut my hair exactly how I wanted it. I was SO nervous coming in. It had been about 7 months since my last cut and I needed about 4 inches off. I got the Groupon (my first time with that, too) and was able to use it right away. Michael immediately made me feel comfortable and he truly listened to the style I want.

I am so happy with my cut and I am so happy I have found a hairdresser who is caring and is amazing at what they do. Honestly, he really took the time even after the blowout to perfect my hair and make it just the way I wanted it! If you are searching for a GREAT (not just good) hairdresser/hair stylist, go to Michael at Savvy The Beauty Apothecary in Beverly Hills.

Oh, and bring change for the meter. I usually get my hair done within an hour, but he truly took the time to make sure my hair looked fantastic, so I had to run out and put in another quarter in the meter! He was so sweet about me running in and out!! Oh, I think the meters take credit cards, too. Overall a great experience!

Michael James, Haircolor Specialist
Savvy The Beauty Apothecary
203 1/2 S. Beverly Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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