We Be Jammin (Vegan Recipe)

Let's make some Jam! Or Preserves?... Whatever! 
This recipe is vegan and if you use organic ingredients, can be organic, too.

Penelope is not impressed with my Vegan Jam

Grab a few baskets of fruit, sugar, and a fresh lemon. Let's get started!

What you need:

2 Baskets of Fruit (Mix fruits or have two of the same)
3 Cups Sugar
1 Fresh Squeezed Lemon and it's Wedge with Peel

What you do:

Boil all ingredients together and stir often. When berries have reduced, remove the rind (peel) of the lemon and you have your jam! It's really that easy.

The rind of the lemon has pectin and will help bind the fruit together to become jam. Enjoy!!

Boiling Stages

Close Up of Jam

My Jam!

I love summer! The best berries come out in summer and I love to make a quick jar of jam to save and have on everything. What are your favorite jam combos?


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