Quick Rundown for Crazy Report on Life Longevity

When I saw this on KTLA, I had to take a photo of the screen! The stats they gave really made me pay attention and turn up the TV:

Anyone else see this?
I think it's kinda interesting and if you would like to see more information, see it here.

I love how it starts:
"Americans have a shorter life expectancy compared with residents of almost all other high-income countries. 
We aim to estimate the impact of lifestyle factors on premature mortality and life expectancy in the US population."

Ok! I think I can do the 5 things in the photo.

So, What does it really add on? 
Additional Years For Females: 14
Additional Years For Males: 12.2

Because it reduces the risk of dying from the top 2 killers in the United States:
Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer

That is a lot of time added onto our lives. I know it is hard to do these 5 things, but I think I want to make a commitment to try to at least start eating a healthy diet and regular exercise. I feel like if I just work all the time and don't actually take the time to work out, 

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