How to Easily Find Vegan Restaurants and Tips for Eating Out

If you are thinking about going the meatless route, like I am, let's start out by having one meatless day a week and gradually work up to more. I think it will be easier this way.

An easy way to start with a plant based diet, is to find restaurants and have fun trying new food made from a Vegan Chef. No pressure on you to find, create, or clean up! I love cooking, but treating yourself and making it a fun event will also make going plant-based fun.

It's always easier to eat out, but I wouldn't recommend it all the time. You don't know exactly what they are putting into the food you are getting and it could be full of butter and other fats or oils.

So, how do you easily find good Vegan or Vegetarian restaurants? You could look on Yelp, but you might not find all the restaurants that will offer vegan options, too.

That's where HappyCow.net or VegGuide.org come in handy. They can tell you which restaurants that have options for vegan or vegetarian diets, even when they are a regular, old-school restaurant.


Many restaurants do offer meatless options or side dishes and are often willing to make changes by removing meat and adding vegetables or pasta in it's place. Restaurants that make food to order may be more willing to make the changes. Check out HappyCow.net or VegGuide.org to see what restaurants are near you.


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