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Hello Lovelies,

While at a Superbowl party, I was talking to a friend of mine who works for American Apparel asked me if I had heard of these jeans from Wrangler that are infused with lotion. I hadn't. Have you?

I realize that they could either be really soft and work really well, or they could feel oily and leave butt marks everywhere you sit because it is leaving a bit of lotion behind. Until I try them, I will just have to wonder. They are being sold from asos.com for $150. I have never owned a pair of Wrangler's because I am a city girl, but these HAVE MADE ME WANT WRANGLER JEANS. There. I said it! I admit it! And, I am not ashamed! I am intrigued! 

"An exciting innovation, Denim Spa from Wrangler is a collection of great fitting jeans infused with cosmetic ingredients that will provide treatments for your legs as you wear them, keeping them silky smooth throughout the day. Favorite skinny styles Courtney, Corynn and Molly jeans, are infused with one of three soothing ingredients: Aloe Vera, Olive Extract or special formula Smooth Legs."

Topshop (and Topman) is coming to LA!! Opening Valentine's Day at The Grove!!! I am so excited! I have been jealous of so many bloggers who can shop at Topshop. Now, I can too! 

Topshop & Topman

"Buzz, buzz, buzz. That’s the sound of the new Topshop, Topman coming to The Grove. It will be the British fashion retailer’s fourth store to open in America. Just look for the giant 25,000 square foot space full of chic, affordable clothes, February 14. Exciting!"

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