How it Feels: Google Glass

Google Glass is real and it is almost here!!

Last April Fool's Day, I watched a video and thought "Wow! If Google does this, it will change how we communicate with technology. We won't use our hands to make a phone call, take a picture, or even send a text." Today, I watched a video and visited Google's website for their newest product, Google Glass. It looks so easy to use. And the photos it is able to capture look beautiful!

I want one and I want it before Google sells them in their retail store! (I love Google and cannot wait to see them open a store, but so far no word on where or when.) If you want the ability to become a tester, you just need to tell Google on Twitter or Google+ in 50 words or less using the hashtag #ifihadglass why you would want to be a tester. Oh yeah, and have $1500 to give them for the glasses.

I need to start the fundraising!!


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