New Laundry Room Storage - Before and After - Mini Renovation


Check out the video HERE 

My Dad and Husband install cabinets in the laundry room - not a total makeover, but I think it is a mini renovation and major upgrade from what was there before.

I can't believe he found these cabinets that were regularly priced at more than $700, and he got them in the clearance area for $300. 

Bargain Buy!

He went in to get them, and couldn't find the ones he found online on the shelf, because they were in the CLEARANCE area!! 

What a lucky find.

The laundry room looks like it has custom cabinets, now, but they were the cabinets right off the shelf, and perfect for the laundry room.

Great looking storage idea, if you are looking to upgrade your laundry room.

It was a surprise for my Mom, and we let her pick out the hardware, I think she did a great job and picked handles that match really well to the new cabinets. 

What do you think? Let me know below!


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