Shelter In Place LA, Week 1

Los Angeles's Shelter In Place order for the CoVid-19 Epidemic was announced on March 19th, and started March 20th. My Last day of marketing for my small company was the 20th.

We found a cool metal desk we repainted and are going to use as a table behind our couch. We make food at home like chicken parm (Sorry, no finished photos, I ate it!), tacos, and BLT's.
Walking around LA was crazy because I felt like I could walk in the street safely. No one was out. We went to the park, and I was able to get some fresh air, and Alex chipped/golfed into a bucket while everyone stayed far away from each other.
I love Kanoodle, do you???????

We played Monopoly, and I won, TWICE!
We also headed up the PCH to Neptune's Net, where we got take out and ate with the trunk open, facing the Pacific Ocean.
Also, with everyone stuck inside, I tried to record and post an extra long segment of the drive down the coastline, back to Santa Monica from Malibu.

I've been ending my evenings with a facial and a bath. I have a lot of facemasks. Everything from peel masks, to mud, to clay, to sheet masks - I have a lot and I need to go through them. So, I've decided to try to do one a day - is it too much? We will see! My skin is super sensitive, but everything I am using does not irritate my skin, so we will see how it goes. So far, so good for week one of the quarantine!!

I hope you all are taking care of yourselves and those around you.


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