What is Kombucha and Why is it so Popular?

I recently attended the Bloom Art Show and they had a Kombucha truck from GT'S Living Foods giving away samples. I have always wanted to try Kombucha, but here in LA, I feel like it's mostly the snotty people who drink it and asking them any questions is never a good experience.

So, when I saw the GT'S truck giving away little cups of Kombucha and asking people to try it - I had to! It's so expensive ($3-6) for trying a beverage, but this truck was giving samples away for free!

I had the Bloom Kombucha from GTS with Elderflower, Jasmine, and Violet. I guess it's a limited edition flavor, so I better savor the two bottles I have!


The art show was immersive and beautiful. I hope they come back because I would LOVE to go again and take my friends. It was so fun!!!
BLOOM LA - Isn't it beautiful! 

BLOOM Art Show 

Yeah, I liked it. I was having fun at the art show and it was nice trying a new, fancy beverage I have always wondered about.

After trying it, I came back to take this photo. I said "I will have questions later, so I am just going to take this photo here to answer them all." The GTS employee agreed. I feel like it answers all the questions I have. FAQ also found here: http://gtslivingfoods.com/faq

I think Kombucha is popular because it is a delicious Probiotic and it has many health benefits. Don't find that too often in tasty, fizzy beverages!

What do you think? Do you like Kombucha? If so, which brand and flavor is your favorite? So far, I also tried the Health-Ade California Grape and it was sooooo gooood! Let me know in the comments below your favorites so I can try them!


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