Save Money: Get Yourself A Coupon Box!

I have always used coupons at the grocery store and this is the secret to keeping them organized!
Get a 3x5 card box - you can find these at Staples, Office Depot, or anywhere 3 x 5 cards are sold.

You can find Coupons in the Sunday paper, in the mail, or online.

I usually clip coupons in my pajamas before I go to the grocery store. I pile them up according to category and then I put them away in the coupon box. I think this is easier and faster because I am not filing each coupon individually, but in groups. It works for me.

My Coupon Box Categories for Tabs: 
Baking, Beverages, Bread, 
Cans, Cat, Cereal, 
Chips/Snacks, Cleaning, Dressings/Condiments, 
Dairy, Frozen, Health, Meats, 
Pasta, Plastics/Paper, and Veggies!!

I also have a VIDEO if you want to see mine! 
What do you use to stay organized with your coupons? 
I know we can use digital coupons now, too. But, sometimes they do not offer them online, only in print - this works well for me.

- Heather


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