Truffle Season at Umami Burger, Santa Monica, CA

Very pepperminty lemonade. Delicious if you love peppermint tea, 
candies, or just love peppermint like me. 
If you do not like peppermint....well, you know!

Those fries are The Manly Thin Fries 
They are smothered in beer cheddar and topped with bacon and onion strings. 
Out of this world delicious, of course! The salty from the bacon and the savory onion strings all clinging to the fries with help from the beer cheese make these heavy, but also addicting.

I had the Truffled Speciale Burger. The only photo I have is after a few bites!

The truffle burger was savory, but very greasy. The truffle oil was everywhere. Maybe it was the grease from the fried egg, who really knows... The arugula and the cheese crisp was not enough for me. I needed a tomato, or something with acidity to break up the grease from the oil on the burger. In the end, I used their tasty smoky flavored house ketchup, but still could not get away from the grease. 

Fashion options! Which cardigan do you like better? Teal hearts or Sea foam solid? 
Let me know down below!!


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